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Norman Steisel Believes in Biofuels

Norman Steisel and his EnEssCo Strategies team believes that “Green” pursuits are inevitable and are also good business. Believing in, and committed to biofuels, EnEssCo Strategies is an investor in and promoter of forest based biofuels. EnEssCo Strategies offers financial consulting, strategic, as well as business development and marketing services to organizations involved in providing environmental products and services.

The Company is developing its resources & expertise into an assortment of “Green” projects for industry and governments. EnEssCo’s “Green” Team includes experts who have a proven track record in all areas of technology and science oriented business consulting and “Green” compliance.

EnEssCo Strategies develops environmentally compliant, economically viable solutions in the waste handling and treatment, energy production, and water usage industries. Basically, EnEssCo’s intention is to help incorporate sound environmental stewardship into the daily business practices of its clients. The Company helps businesses to proficiently put in place business practices which are more environmentally responsible.